"Born in the Ocean."
My work are dedicated to environmental issue of ocean acidification.
As we all know, human and others living species have occurred in the depths of the ancient ocean. So, we can say that Father Ocean gave us life and Mother Earth raised us, gave food, coziness and shelter.  Ocean continues to care about course, order, balance on Earth and our safety. Unfortunately, it can be up to a certain point.
 My composition "Born in the Ocean."  consists of sea elements and sticking out of them three pairs of hands, which symbolizes the family, the birth , the change of generations , care for each other and of the nature.  In the rest of the round decorative composition I depict sea life – healthy species that we could associative recognize and others that we can`t. So Like this, I marked the marine organics that either do not exist anymore, or will not be in the future, or which will be mutated, because of Ocean Acidification, environmental pollution of water and climate disturbances. It is terrible to imagine the whole picture of horrors and consequences of the industrial revolution on our one and only beautiful planet.
The scale of the harm done to the ecosystem is so high, that a coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate all around the globe and soon we can lose a healthy ocean, if all mankind and each of us will not be more careful and attentive to Mother Earth and Father Ocean. 
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