Fresco "Respiration" 
by Lex Zooz.

This mural was painted in August / September 2019 in Uppsala / Sweden.
Project was commissioned by the ByggVesta AB real estate company. Special mineral paints were provided by the Keim Scandinavia company. The architecture / design of this building was developed by Stockholm architectural firm - Utopia Arkitekter .
This decorative painting in the corner of living house was planned from the very beginning of the construction of this project. The main task for me were to create a painting that combines with architecture and surroundings.  Painting also should be not just decorative part of this building, but have to arouse interest, curiosity, stimulate cognition both children and adults. 

Name of this work is ”Respiration”. On the walls are depicted straight trees growing high and proudly of stones and rocks - symbolize the strength and resilience of the Scandinavian spirit. Branches with leaves are depicted as circles that shows us the process of trees respiration and the photosynthesis that they create. These colorfull circles are like the oxygen that leaves making from carbon dioxide. So that you can not only look at this picture, but also imagine the process of photosynthesis in microorganisms and explain to children how important trees are to us.
The forms of the mural composition were chosen simple, semi-geometric, so as not to destroy the design of the building, but to complement the idea of the architect and could be viewed at different distances - both close and far. The colors - ocher, green, blue and turquoise were also chosen to be combined with other buildings and surrounding nature. 

 This new living district are fascinating with it´s relation to the protection of the environment. Water, air, trees, insects and various types of animals living in this area are under care and protection. Also this new house have a unique heating system through air exchange, where residents themselves create heat simply by their presence.  Therefore, this mural also reflects the idea of a cozy corner of nature with clean air.

Here are some photos from the process:
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